Time-Line: 40s


Angie Bond Trio

Chicken in the Chicken Chow Mein (Soundies)

Rhythm Rhapsody (Soundies)

Billie Holiday

New Orleans (1947 United)

Dale Cross’s All-Girl Band

Mad About Her Blues (1946 Soundies)

Dave Schooler and his 21 Swinghearts

In an Eighteenth-Century Drawing Room (1941 Soundies)

Night Ride (1941 Soundies)

Sheherezade (1941 Soundies)

Tchaikovskiana (1941 Soundies)

Ding Dong Dollies (the Rhythm Misses)

Big Man from the South (1944)

Dorothy Donegan

Sensations of 1945 (1944 Stone Productions)

Ella Fitzgerald

Ride ‘Em Cowboy (1943 Universal)

Ethel Waters

Tales of Manhattan (1942 Twentieth Century Fox)

Cabin in the Sky (1943 MGM, song: “Honey in the Honey Comb”)

Pinky (1949Twentieth Century Fox)

The Glamourettes (Glamorettes)

Swing it, Mr. Schubert (1942 Soundies)

Hazel Scott

Something to Shout About (1943 Columbia Pictures)

I Dood It (1943 MGM)

The Heat’s On (1943 Columbia Pictures)

GI Movie Weekly: Singing with the Stars I (1944)

Broadway Rhythm (1944 MGM)

Rhapsody in Blue (1945 Warner Bros)

Ina Ray Hutton

Ever Since Venus (1944Columbia)

The International Sweethearts of Rhythm

Soundies compilation (1946 Soundies)

Jump Children (1946 Soundies)

She’s Crazy with the Heat (1946 Soundies)

That Man of Mine (1946 Alexander Productions)

Lena Horne

Panama Hattie (1942 MGM)

Cabin in the Sky (1943 MGM)

Stormy Weather (1943 Twentieth Century Fox)

Swing Fever (1943 MGM)

I Dood It (1943 MGM)

Boogie Woogie Dream (1944 Soundies)

Broadway Rhythm (1944 MGM)

Harlem Hotshots (1945 Metropolitan Films)

Mantan Messes Up (1946 Toddy Pictures)

Ziegfeld Follies (1946 MGM, song: “Love”)

Till the Clouds Roll By (1946 MGM)

Lorraine Page Orchestra

Class in Swing (1940 Universal)

Darn That Dream (1940 Soundies)

The Maxwell Girls

On a Sunday Afternoon (1941 Soundies)

The Melody Maids

In Love with a Song (1941 Soundies)

Minoco Maids of Melody

I’m Comin’ Virginia (1942 Soundies)

Peggy Lee

Stage Door Canteen (1943 United Artists)

The Powers Girl (1943 United Artists)

Banquet on a Melody (1946 Universal, song: “I Don’t Know Enough About You”)

Jasper’s and the Beanstock (1945 Paramount)

Midnight Serenade (1947 Paramount)

Phil Spitalny and His Hour of Charm Orchestra

Here Come the Co-Eds (1945 Universal)

When Johnny Comes Marching Home (1943 Universal)

Rita Rio (Donna Drake) and Her Mistresses of Rhythm

My Margarita: El Charro (1939)

Adios (1941 Soundies)

La Cucaracha (1941 Soundies)

Pan Americonga (1941 Soundies)

I Look at You (1942 Sloundies)

Sticks and Stones (1942)

Sophie Tucker

Follow the Boys (1944 Universal)

Sensations of 1945 (1944 United)

Thelma White and Her All-Girl Orchestra

April in Paris (1946 Soundies)

Hollywood Boogie (1946 Soundies)

Take it and Git (1946 Soundies)

Zoot (1946 Soundies)

Valaida Snow

If Only You Knew (MGM)

Patience and Fortitude (1946 MGM)


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